Shuttlecraft Planetary Effects


                         GEOMETRY EFFECTS
As the Space Shuttle thrust and heat pushes against the planet and through the crust, it burns a trail to space.  How hot the rocket heat is, how much it dissipates and heats the atmosphere, I do not know but it is the equivalent to a level 3 hurricane in it's condensation effects.  As it increases it's velocity the shockwave from nose to rudder expands to it's full size at escape velocity and altitude.  The nose section shockwave is like a snowplow pushing on the atmosphere, the clouds.  
The glider planes create a micro gravity that hits the planet as a low weather front.  The wing tip vortexes and rudder vortex are also colder, swirling micro gravities in a micro gravity, creating vortexes (tornadoes) on the surface of the planet.  
The cargo doors, when open create turbulence and vortexes that also come back to the planet.  
The ceramic heat shield absorbs as much cold as it does hot.  The cold of space and the feel of ceramics makes Winter and Summer feel funny.  
With enough velocity the Shuttlecraft  can make pure zero inside the conical engine cones.  
Velocity should be governed by geometry.  
On the Space Shuttle's return the heat shield blazes the trail over the Gulf of Mexico back to Rocky W. Earth.  Temperature of dissipating heat and width of wake I do not know but it makes a 3 hurricane into a 5 hurricane (from the heat from the heat-shield).  As the Space Shuttle lands the heat wells out over the Atlantic Ocean, vaporizing enough water to increase a 3 hurricane into a 5 hurricane. The launch heat as well as the heat-shield heat is heating the Gulf Stream all the way to Stockholm.  
Every vibration inside as well as outside that the Space Shuttle makes is amplified by micro gravity as it comes back to Rocky W. Earth.  
Note:  NASA said the Rockwell International Re-Entry Space Craft goes around the planet once in 90 minutes.  The course distance is more than once around the planet. I think it is twice the diameter of the planet.  It is going twice as fast as they say it is.  
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