On the fifth of March, 2001, I was in an aircraft going into Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.  As I gazed out the window I saw rectangular clouds, row on row, like brick-work.  I knew it was the space shuttle's heat shield.  But how?  After some pondering, I think I know. The astronaut docking the space shuttle bumped hard the space shuttle against the space station.  The rectangular clouds are a product of the heat shield's ceramic tiles that when gonged vibrated the cold in the tiles out and back to our Planet.  It was a hot, humid, breezeless day in Dallas/ Fort Worth when the ceramic tiles cold as space vibration condensed into rectangular clouds in the hot, humid very still atmosphere. The heat shield absorbs as much cold as it does hot.  Someone should study that.  There are some interesting thoughts on pure zero degrees cold and black holes in space.  Inside the heat shield,  faster is colder. Colder is lower micro-gravity.    

Rectangular Clouds, how perfect they were; in scale, length, width, straight to almost perfect corner points.  


Some jet pilots use their aircraft as a brush. The clouds are the paint and the sky is the canvas. They make cloud pictures.  

(Note: this is an attempt to show how rectangular clouds looked).  

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