Shuttle Launch 115 caused a volcanic eruption in Indonesia in 13 days and a 6.2 earthquake, also in Indonesia.  Boeing Rocketry's level 7 earthquake hit there as well and caused a Tsunami.  The French, launching from French Guiana caused a 6.2 earthquake in Indonesia as well.  
Shuttle Launch 116 stimulated a Boeing 6.8 earthquake to move south along the San Andreas Fault.  The horizontal thrust made the Kilauea Volcano blow out the side.  A lot of small quakes are caused by the Aeronautics Industry:  Trains, trucks, cars, internal combustion pressure, as well as rolling tonnage.  Shuttle Launch 116's effects are still flowing.  Australia moved as the Planet tumbles north, over the pole.  The majority of the vertical thrust pressure vented out of a volcano in Indonesia. The heat-shield heat is flowing across the North American Continent and around our Planet.  
Also after Shuttle Launch 116 a volcano in Indonesia, and another quake in Japan.  
If you look in a bubbling volcano you may notice that some bubbles are in 3/4 time.  The science of television does reproduce every sound's pressure times millions of televisions.  The last 5.1 earthquake in China was a product of the World Cup Soccer Games TV pressure and the cheering of Sports Fans. One billion or more fans and televisions.  Combustion pressure of cars, trucks and trains as well as rolling tonnage of same, is also having Planetary Effects, but on a much smaller scale, than the Atomic Space Age.  The National Air and Space Association (NASA) started out emulating nature.  Now they ARE  nature.  When the Shuttle lands on the West Coast of North America, the heat wells across the continent, hitting triple digit temperatures, evaporating and then condensing over and over, around and around.  
Australia is a free weight on a rotating mass.  As it slides over the Planet's surface it balances the Planet.  Australia is moving east by south, down the curve of our Planet.  
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