When and if anyone researches this material there will be other launches, volcanoes and earthquakes.  Two Russian shuttle-style launches, both making Kilauea Volcano erupt and two 6.5 earthquakes.  God Bless Russian Rocketry for stopping on their own.  
One Japanese shuttle-style launch made a volcano and an earthquake. God Bless Japan for parking it on the floor of the Sea of Japan.   Not a mistake.  They will never do that again.  The Japanese launch is the only launch with a seismological printout of any shuttle-style launch. It shook the island and recorded the launch thrust.  No gantry is seismologically wired for thrust or heat penetration or dissipation.  
The Germans had one atomic test in space. One year at escape velocity German scientists detonated an atomic device - size unknown.  The Volcano Kilauea erupted in 7 days.
The Chinese had two Moon launches. One launch making the volcano in Africa erupt 320 feet.  They also had two atomic tests, both making volcanoes.  God Bless China for learning and caring and using their industrialization pressure to try and re-establish planet core pressure and stabilize the planet's orbit and seasonal change.  
The French had two atomic tests. Both made volcanoes and quakes.  The French launch from French Guiana, they made a 6.0 quake in Indonesia and Malaysia every time.  
The Brazilian's second launch hit Indonesia with a 6.5 earthquake.  Very heavy, very smooth, very hot launch.  
When the Rocket Fuel Factory exploded it made Kilauea Volcano erupt in four days.  The same week as the Chernobyl meltdown. 
India and Pakistan's atomic tests made Mount Aetna erupt.  
When the Russians were launching supplies to the International Space Station it made a 5.5 earthquake hitting Ohio, Tennessee, and Kentucky. 
The Germans have the supply launch contract now. Their first supply launch went into the Bay of Bengal where it hooked up with part of Boeing Rocketry's Thrust Pressure, making a 9.4 earthquake and a Tsunami.  God Bless Germany for staying to help, putting in a "State of the Science" early warning system with Japan's help.  
The launch gantries of both NASA and Boeing Rocketry should be seismologically wired for depth of pressure and heat, as well as speed of energy flow, straight into the planet and moving outwards from the rocket launch point, horizontally.  
The world's space gantries should all be seismologically wired. 
The most intelligent nation in the space age is Rolls Royce Rocketry.  Having a delivery system twice as powerful as NASA's Space Shuttle and launching off of a floating gantry.  God Bless them for not launching at all.  
The new guy in the space age is a company called Sea Launch.  They launch off a floating gantry, heating and vaporizing large amounts of Central, Equatorial, Pacific Ocean.  Making clouds and having their own environmental effects.  
Thinking of environmental effects... In the early 1980's a high altitude aircraft dumped many tons of silver iodine in the upper atmosphere, from Baja California to Florida.  That was one week before the Russians shot down a commercial Korean Jet for being in their air space.  And it rained and rained and flooded all around the planet.  It still is.  
When the aircrafts over the United States were grounded during the 9-11-01 thing (Wrath of God), the Continent lifted from the lack of pressure and when the aircraft started flying again, the aircraft's  pressure on the planet made a 3.5 earthquake in Washington State.  
British Airways went on strike.  When they returned to work the planet quaked at a level 3 as well.  
Note:  An aircraft does two things.  It goes to Point A to Point B very rapidly.  And that is about all anybody cares about.  The second thing it is doing is pummeling and crushing this Rocky W. Earth.  
The high altitude Concorde engines consumed the Ozone and the Mach II turbulence heated and churned up the Ozone. After the Concorde full of German Gentry crashed  the English and the French fleets were grounded for two weeks.  The Ozone levels went up 7%.  
The atmospheric chemists made a mistake blaming aerosol propellants.  The Concorde engines burned up the Ozone in the combustion chamber.  God Bless the English and French Gentry for grounding the Concorde. Finally.  
North Korea had a one-ton atomic test that was a calculated 6 earthquake in Japan. Some would say Korea could not do that.  With China's notes on flows of energy and planetary they could.  
When China had their first Moon launch the next week NASA launched.  The next week the Russians launched, and the next week the French launched.  And Boeing Rocketry's once per week launch, launched right with them.  There were 8 launches in one month.  The damage to the planet was hemispherical.  The pressure was so intense that the Mid-Atlantic Plate was spread apart from the interlock of Africa all the way north past Greenland.  Greenland is a super volcano, half loose.  
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