The island of Montserrat buried by NASA, Indonesia, and many other nations could sue NASA and Boeing Rocketry for damages in World Court.  And with an injunction, they can be stopped.  
So Ladies and Gentlemen of the Internet, I give you 27 years of observations.  You can save the Planet's life and in so doing save the Earth and all the life on it.  
All the Gods and Goddesses revere the Planet. Even the Devil himself.  You should too Man.  
Anthony Pavia
Aeromechanics Vocational Technical High School 
Detroit City Airport, Class of 1971
Nicholas Birda - Principal


If you think these observations are worth a buck and you would like to donate 1 dollar to my well-being please do.  And if not, don't.    You can call me at 386-538-9704
A Side of Solar Science
Solar Science is simple. You have to use it all. The light and the heat.  If you use the light to make electricity and the heat for heating and hot water, all is well and good.  But dump the heat or reflect the light and multiply by millions of units you will have an environmental disaster.  
Anthony Pavia
Wayne State University, Detroit Campus, College of Lifelong Learning 1977 - 1978
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