Boeing Rocketry Plate Tectonics Experiment


Boeing Rocketry launches one rocket per week with a four satellite payload.  This makes a 1.75 shearing effect on the San Andreas Fault. After four launches there is a level 7 earthquake.  The 1.75 shearing pressure goes up and around the San Andreas Fault in the summer and south as the northern hemisphere contracts for the winter, following the path of least resistance with the natural flow of energy.  


Note: The planet's magnetic field is made by seasonal change. Hemispherical  contraction flows energy past the planet's core, magnetizing it.  


Boeing Rocketry's 7 earthquake has hit Seattle, Alaska, China, Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, and on into the Bay of Bengal.  Going south along the ring of fire Boeing Rocketry's accumulated thrust pressure has hit Los Angeles, Mexico, Chili, Peru, Iran, Iraq, Greece, Turkey, Algeria, and Morocco.  Depending upon the axis of the planet, Boeing's thrust energy is directed off of Carlsberg Ridge in the Arabian Basin.  


Boeing Rocketry's thrust heat is also heating the Rocky Mountains, causing it's own environmental change.  
Whenever there is not a 7 earthquake from Boeing's monthly production schedule, that only means it is accumulating into an earthquake of space age planetary proportions.  
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