The difference between a bird and an aircraft is: A bird has a brain.  No wings, it's arms or upper appendages are horizonal to facilitate Planet rotation energy lift.  (Gravity).  Flapping the arms creates a vacuum.  A bird has heart and hips.  
An aircraft has no brain, but it has wings or geometrically flat horizontal stabilizers, no hips and no heart.  The pilot or robot-bird-operator may protest the "no brain" part.  (Ego is).  But the bottom line is that the operators brains are out of scale to the body or fuselage effects on the Planet and all life (Ego is).  
Birds - all life in general, redesign the egg, after every space shuttle launch, and evolve and develop intelligence. You should too, Man.  
When it comes to the safe operation of an aircraft the drawing board builds in safety.  The builders, the maintenance crew, the pilot, then the air in the tires, the engine fossil fuel combustion exhaust pressure.  Then the flight attendants and the passengers. 
The safe operation of an aircraft means the rapid destruction of environment and Planet. 
Creating a vortex with geometry is as easy as paddling a canoe.  Dip the paddle or geometric shape in the water and pull.  You will see a tornado in the wake, or back side of the paddle.  
How so few can have an effect on so many.  In order to save time we are killing the Planet.  Time is the rotation and revolution of the Planet as it goes around the Sun, calculated in scale to your wrist watch.  Time is your biological clock.  Time is more than money.  Forever is the Planet you are on. Eternal is the Sun. Infinite Space cares nothing for time. Time is irrelevant to space.  
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