An aircraft from the front to the back is an environmental problem.  Sonic atmospheric quellers.  No section shockwave.  Cold slipstream vacuum.  Cold plane vacuum.  Wingtip vortexes.  Engine intake, oxygen usage or whatever atmosphere there is.  Heat pressure exhaust thrust, rear section turbulence, mainly vortexes.  
Navigational Guidance and Communications
To the avionic section.  If you cannot think anything good then don't think anything at all. 
The atmospheric quellers saved the airline .23 per 100 tons per mile. Natural gas and  nuclear electric waste is at your expense, Citizen.  
If you put the palms of your hands over your ears, close your eyes and look in the darkness you will hear and see a horizontal, silver white line, that is the aeronautics industry's avionics section.  The vertical silver white lines is the satellite industry and fortress America noise is in there too.  
An aircraft flying over your home is dissipating the air pressure/temperature inside your home and physical being, tripping the micro switch on your heating and cooling system, making fires flare and babies poo.  
Lift of an aircraft is accomplished by creating a vacuum, or low pressure over the plane or horizontal top of the horizontal stabilizers. The low pressure or vacuum eliminates air pressure on mass and the weight of mass and all the gravity that comes into the atmosphere from the Sun, Moon, Planets and Stars.  The low pressure or vacuum facilitates Planet core rotation energy-gravity to push up on the horizontally stabilized mass.  The high pressure on the wing, or geometric flat, is the Planet's rotation energy.  From the core of the Planet, out, it creates lift, with gravity.  
A wingtip vortex is made by velocity.  The low pressure from the plane is cold and the wings high pressure or Planet rotation energy/gravity is warmer.  A large enough, fast enough aircraft going over a storm will squeeze the rain out of a cloud.  The aircraft wingtip vortexes and rear section turbulence could start a tornado spinning.  
Aircraft radar and Doppler Radar could do this study.  
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